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Current Turn-Around time is 2 Working days from date of inspection.

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Appraisal Information

North State Appraisal provides quick, data backed appraisal reports. We guarantee customer satisfaction from the first phone call to the final report. Give us a try today!


We work hard for you! When you order an appraisal from North State Appraisal, you can relax and we will take care of the details. Our current turn around time is 2 working days from the time we get in to inspect the property.


We appraise the following kinds of properties:
Bullet Single-family residences (SFR)
Bullet Condominiums (Condos)
Bullet Planned unit developments (PUDs)
Bullet Small income properties (duplex, triplex, or fourplexes)

Order Process
The order will be sent to us by fax or email usually by a lender or attorney. We review the data that we receive from the client to see if we can accept or reject the order. We may not accept the order because the property is located in an area that we do not service, insufficient information, etc.
We will make an appointment with the borrower, purchaser, tenant, or agent to come out to the property and do the inspection. We will be taking digital photographs of the front of your home, inside, backyard, and of the street. We also will be drawing your floor plan. If you happen to have a copy of your floor plan, please make a copy for the appraiser. From there, we will go to take photos of other homes in your area that are of equal value as your home.
Data Collection
We will collect data from our own data sources for the appraisal. If you live in a condo or PUD, please provide the appraiser with your HOA (home owner's association) information.
We will use the information we have collected to complete the Appraisal process.
Per your request, we will deliver the report to your lender by fax, email, express mail, or hand delivery.

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